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Since the late 80's l have been working on high end cars and found working on Porsche's enjoyable and rewarding.

Getting a rusted up engine and stripping it back, bringing it back up to top spec and putting it all back together is what l enjoy most.

I am lucky to have two lads that enjoy working on these machines as much as l do. If you want someone who knows what they are doing and can be trusted to treat your beautiful machine with respect, then give us a call.

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Motor vehicles are so heavily relied upon and often, their purchase represents a significant financial investment. We all want our cars to be reliable and perform well, but if a car service does not take place regularly, it is very difficult for this to be the case. Despite driving a car daily, many people do not have their car serviced regularly. Ultimately this can lead to significant and costly car repairs.


We work closely with a reliable and trustworthy local mot specialist in uppingham allowing us to get the whole job done for you. Leave it with us and if there is anything that requires attention, we will contact you to ensure you are happy with the costs, get it sorted, then get it re-tested and ready for you to take home.



This is really important. We have 5 simple rules to keep your machine in great condition: make sure you have fluids in the car, drive it at least once a month, bucket, soft rag, and an car wash soap and finish, avoid parking the car on dirt or gravel, get it maintained properly, once a year, obviously by us!


When a person buys a car, he usually expects it to run well for a long time. To this end, car manufacturers have developed sophisticated computer systems that keep the car in check and help to keep it running smoothly. Those systems will also light up the check engine light when there is something wrong with the car.

Electrical issue


Most garages steer clear of these types of issues. Not us. We understand how frustrating a sticking window or dodgy headlight can be. We resolve almost all our electrical issues in the time we estimate. However as it is always the case, with gremlins in the machine, it may take longer. Ultimately our goal is to fix it, which we do almost every time.


We probably only do 2-3 a year of Porsche Restoration, but when we do we take pride in making sure it’s done right.



The quest towards fully autonomous driving has made significant strides over the past decade. As technology becomes more and more cutting edge, it is crucial to be familiar with some of this new equipment. If you drive any of the high-end new model cars, you may have noticed some unfamiliar terms on the car’s description panel.


Are you looking for improved performance from your car? Modern day cars are all controlled by computers called ECU’s, which are constantly processing information received from a multitude of sensors around your car. The engine’s fuelling, ignition timing, turbo boost (if applicable) and multiple other systems are all being controlled by the map on your car. When your car left the factory it was released with a standard map built to tolerances not your specific car, so it’s far from perfect. Did you know the difference between many car models is just a different map? We understand that it’s frustrating to know that your car is capable of so much more, it just needs to be unleashed!



From big jobs to small fixes we are here to help. Why not give us a call today so we can discuss when we can fit you in.

Greg James - Porsche 944

Amazing team with knowledge and passion to match.

James Williamson - Porsche GT3
I was recommended these guys by a good friend and they have surpassed my expectations.
Michael McClintock - Porsche 911 Targa
Wow! They turned my rust bucket into an award winning machine. Thanks guys