A 360 view of a badly worn Piston

1 April, 2021

This piston is taken from a 911 997 Porsche 3.8 engine 2007. The marks along the edge is the reason you hear a 'ticking' noise coming from the engine. The main reason why you should keep your engine well oiled and service! Maintenance is better than repair. Why not see […]

What do the warning lights on my Porsche mean?

4 November, 2019

Another informative post from your Porsche mechanics at German Auto Solutions. We understand when a light shows up on the dash you get concerned and want it sorted as soon as possible. Some of them are very easy to fix and for this reason we have build the definitive list […]

VR Interior of a Porsche 914

20 September, 2018

We thought we would share the beauty of classic Porsche design with you. The image below shows a full 360 VR image of the interior of a Porsche 914. If you press the full screen button in the bottom right, guess what, it goes full screen! Being expert Porsche mechanics, […]

THE definitive Porsche Oil List – For the specialists

23 April, 2018

We at German Auto Solutions – The Porsche Specialists said we would give you a full list of oils required for practically every Porsche available. And we have done just that! Book your next service with us and we will give you 10% off our normal rates as an introductory offer. […]

Which oil should l use in my Porsche?

25 January, 2018

Being a Porsche Specialist we know that using a good oil makes a big difference to how well your engine is maintained. Ultimately the engine oils job is to reduce friction when engine components are moving. In particular the cylinders and pistons to avoid the so called ‘piston seizure’. It also […]