Electrical Issues

Most garages steer clear of these types of issues. Not us. We understand how frustrating a sticking window or dodgy headlight can be.

We resolve almost all our electrical issues in the time we estimate. However as it is always the case, with gremlins in the machine, it may take longer.

Ultimately our goal is to fix it, which we do almost every time.

Are your electric windows not lowering when the Cabriolet top latch and/or door handle is operated or lowering unexpectedly while driving? This can be caused by a failing Cabriolet top or door handle micro switch. Diagnosis will be required to determine which switch is at fault and then we can find the suitable replacement and get it working properly again.

If your vehicle cannot return to run position after starting or if the interior fan is not getting power, it may be that the electrical portion of the ignition switch has become erratic or has failed. The entire switch assembly should be replaced to resolve this issue.